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“Elden Ring” is an action RPG game that takes place in the Lands Between, a world in which a rift in the dimensions has occurred. This world is full of monsters and hidden danger, but it can also contain a powerful treasure. Rise as a Tarnished, a monster born from the rift, and live a story unlike any other in the Lands Between.


The story of “Elden Ring” is all about life, death, and the power of rebirth. Using the various skills of the Tarnished you can freely explore the vast world of the Lands Between as you fight against your enemies and discover the mystery surrounding you.
Whether you are fighting the powerful monsters by yourself or with a party of friends, the battles and encounters are not alike. Unlike traditional RPGs where enemies attack in a fixed pattern, the battles of “Elden Ring” have a dynamic and spontaneous feel to them.


A vast world with over 10 million pieces of content, you can freely increase your experience or skills, and there is no limit to which moves you can use or abilities you can learn.

You can choose to be a Dual-Wielding, Shield-Supporting Warrior, or a Balanced Magic-Supporting Wizard. With your unequipped skill set, you may be different from others in your party.

Each Tarnished has a set of characteristics that you can customize to improve your performance in battle.


“Elden Ring” also supports an open-ended online story.

– Unique Multi-layered Storyline:
The world of “Elden Ring” is set in a world that includes an underworld, the Lands Between, and the Abyss. “Elden Ring” features a multilayered story with the paths of the characters intersecting, complete with their thoughts.

– A New Action RPG That Knows No Limits:
“Elden Ring” is a game that knows no limits. You can do almost anything in it, from exploring vast areas to witnessing the birth of a Tarnished.

– Create Your Own Character:
While every action in “Elden Ring” is determined by your character’s in-game actions, you can freely choose from a variety of weapons, armor,


Download Now ✑ ✑ ✑ DOWNLOAD

Download Now ✑ ✑ ✑ DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • Create your own character. In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. Fight wild beasts that have never been seen before. You will not only improve your own skills, but also learn new techniques that you cannot learn in more popular games.
  • A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. As you work together with your party, you meet new and surprising people with a variety of jobs, backgrounds, and skills. Fate dictates what happens to each of them.
  • Unique online play that loosely connects you to others.
  • Intricate battle system that involves high-stakes action as you engage in fierce sword fights using magic, activate the special skills that adorn your weapons, and set off massive explosions. Or use powerful skills to weaken your enemies, execute a series of attacks, and evade blows.
  • Enjoy an in-depth, full-scale fantasy RPG with impressive graphics and sound effects.
    On winter’s eve, humans enter a time of peril and the setting sun heralds the appearance of a legendary artefact. The Good King Valerian, with a party of travelers, starts his journey to a distant land that has thus far been untouched by the darkness. However, his party soon finds itself surrounded by monsters and forced to seek refuge in the neighboring village.
    Journey on!
    The Good King Valerian, the Archer
    Seeking our land back
    A kingdom destroyed by various disasters
    United, we must seek it back
    Valerian: There’s no other way!
    Climb puts you in the shoes of a newlywed couple in search of a new adventure.
    A new job, a new life—a new city to be explored, starting your marriage with an adorable and adorable little baby……
    The excitement starts as


    Elden Ring Download [2022]

    “As an old fan of the PS2 RPG series, I wanted to play this title. Beholden to the PS3 RPG, I had high hopes for this title. I have to admit, it’s a nice game. It’s not an RPG. It’s not an action game. It’s a mix of the two. But it has qualities of both. I can definitely see it being played by a variety of gamers and enjoying it in its own way.” – Indie Game Review

    “This is an epic fantasy experience that I could really see myself playing on a console. The game looks absolutely stunning. The gameplay is also great. It combines the turn based gameplay with some action elements to make for a great RPG experience. It’s also has a very well balanced leveling system, which I don’t tend to see very often in console RPG games.” – Gameplay and Story Central

    “The game is a unique blend of both an RPG and action-based action game. It takes the best of both worlds and makes a unique and creative game. This is a game that I could see myself playing for hours on end.” – InReview

    “Overall, it is an RPG game that moves on a PS3. At times, it feels like the gameplay has been taken from the dark clouds RPG and thrown into an action RPG, where some RPG combat elements have been combined with an action combat system.” – Anirachi

    “It’s a very well-made game. It stands out from the crowd and will definitely be an RPG that will stick with many fans of the genre.” – Video Game Blast

    “At its core it is a role playing game, just one that happens to be set in a fantasy world. And for RPG fans, it is a great RPG that seems to be a cross between a traditional RPG and an action game. There are a lot of RPG fans out there who are going to love this game.” – Game Informer

    “You can’t deny that this game offers up a lot of gameplay, especially if you are familiar with or have played most of the other big-name RPGs. At the same time, it’s almost like a hybrid between a traditional action RPG, and a turn-based RPG. The gameplay starts off being a bit static, with you clicking on the


    Elden Ring Activator

    「What do you want to play?」
    「I heard that they made it for those who want to enjoy action games while chatting with someone about the game.」

    An online RPG which is almost like talking with someone else about the game while playing.

    「It has two modes? What are those?」

    There are two game modes in the ELDEN RING game. In the “Single mode”, you play the game with one character on your own. In the “Multiplayer mode”, you play a single character with another player on the other side of a server. In both modes, you play quests by talking with your companions and having the hero, who you are controlling, fight evil monsters on the field.

    「Could we be in the same room with other people? That sounds really good」

    In the ELDEN RING game, the online world allows you to easily meet and talk with other players.

    「What will we play with people?」

    You can play with other people, where you need to share the burden of characters and the other person will follow your commands in the battle.

    ▶ PvP Duel

    The PvP Duel can be compared to the battles of the MMO games.

    「Will we fight?」

    You can see the difference between the “hero mode” and the “duel mode” in the PvP Duel. To create a more challenging PvP, you can participate in the fighting using tools that have been tailored to the genre.

    「What kind of tools?」

    You can see here the various various types of tools that are designed for battles. In addition to the normal “attack” button, you can also equip tools such as “magic” or “archery”. By combining the various types of tools, you can select the best tool for the battle situation.

    ▶ Battle Aid

    ▶ Swords and Bows

    You can play with various types of weapons and attack methods to the best advantage.

    「Weapons and tools?」

    In addition to the main weapon and special attack, you can select from the armor and accessories that you equip, including weapons and armors for the character.

    ▶ Gesture Commands

    ▶ An Interesting Story!

    The game is a fantasy action RPG that is told in fragments. The main story takes place in


    What’s new:

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