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Octave Crack Patch Download

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Octave Crack Patch Download

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how to make a instance return reference to member variable

Here are some declaration
class A {
int a;
A(int b);

class B {
A& getA();

Here I want get A method to return a reference to the member variable so I can do this
auto& B::getA() {return A(a);}

but it doesn’t work, so how to do it? thanks.


auto& B::getA() { return A(a); }

The return type is auto & so A(a) has to return a reference to the A object:
A& A(int b);

Alternatively, you could call a virtual getA() method, but in that case, the return type can’t be auto &:
class B {
virtual A& getA() {
return A(a);

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