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While AutoCAD is primarily marketed for drafting and design purposes, it has also been used for modeling and editing construction documentation. Autodesk first released AutoCAD for MS-DOS in 1988. AutoCAD 2000 (the first version of AutoCAD that runs natively under Windows) and AutoCAD 2002 (the first version that runs natively under Windows NT) were released in 1991, with AutoCAD 2003 and AutoCAD 2008 the first versions that run natively under Windows XP and Windows Vista. AutoCAD LT was released in 2000 for OS/2, Windows, and Linux. AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD 2010 were released in 2009 and 2010, respectively. AutoCAD LT 2011 was released in 2011. AutoCAD 2012 was released in 2012. AutoCAD 2013 was released in 2013, and AutoCAD 2014 in 2014.

The release of AutoCAD in 1981 marked a turning point for CAD, as at the time it was the first commercially available CAD program. AutoCAD quickly gained a reputation for ease of use and consistency of results, and it quickly became the industry standard for CAD. AutoCAD is a market leader and a leader in the CAD software industry.

In early 2007, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), parent company of the popular CAD software parametric modeling product Parametric CAD. On February 6, 2008 Autodesk announced the acquisition of Carver, Inc., the developer of Adobe Illustrator and other creative software for vector graphics. Carver and PTC were merged into the AutoCAD division of Autodesk.

According to the Gartner Group, Autodesk’s AutoCAD is the “top choice” of 2D and 3D CAD programs, and the “number two choice” for 2D and 3D drafting and design programs. According to Forrester Research, AutoCAD 2012 was the top-ranked commercial CAD program in 2012.

File Formats

AutoCAD files are proprietary and the company’s own proprietary file format. They are not compatible with other CAD programs.

The File Data Format (FDF) specification describes the structure of an AutoCAD file. An FDF file is a delimited ASCII text file that is made up of a series of sections. Each section has a specific purpose, and they are usually denoted with the.DDF extension.


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For example, in AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD Architecure is available from Autodesk Exchange Apps (free)

Standardized programming languages
AutoCAD uses the following programming languages to create programming features in AutoCAD or for integration with other programs:
Autodesk ObjectARX
Visual LISP
Visual BASIC
Visual C#
Visual C++

Legacy programming languages
AutoCAD includes five previously used programming languages that were replaced by other ones in a later release of the product:
Visual BASIC

New legacy programming languages
Beginning with AutoCAD R14, Autodesk introduced ObjectARX, which is a new native object-oriented language that is written in C++. As a result, AutoLISP is no longer required for AutoCAD development. Visual LISP and Visual BASIC, which are also natively written in C++, are still required.

Starting with AutoCAD 2017, ObjectARX is the default programming language, and Visual LISP and Visual BASIC are no longer supported. AutoCAD 2018 and newer versions are all based on ObjectARX.

Note: ObjectARX does not actually use the C++ syntax, but rather is built on top of it and does not require a compiler.

AutoLISP is a structured programming language derived from LISP (List Processing), originally created by Charles H. Moore in the early 1980s. LISP was an attempt to produce a structured programming language, but the language was never widely used. In the mid-1980s, AutoCAD’s parser and run-time environment were based on LISP. The first release of AutoCAD (AutoCAD 1.0) shipped with an AutoLISP interpreter.

In 1992, most of the AutoLISP code in AutoCAD was rewritten to use Autodesk’s ObjectARX, and AutoLISP support was discontinued. Autodesk sells a LISP-to-AutoLISP translation product, AutoLISP Studio.


ObjectARX is a native object-oriented language that is created and programmed in C++. It was first introduced with AutoCAD 2008 (R12) and is now the

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After it is activated,
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To use the Autocad DXi 2017 software on your PC,
you will need to update your Autodesk product with the software.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

When you import a document, you can:

– Select files from your computer or network.

– Drag files and folders from Windows Explorer and the File Open dialog box.

– Import documents from a hard drive, a DVD, or a CD.

– Use AutoCAD’s batch import feature to import dozens of drawings and drawings from multiple sources.

– AutoCAD Match Point tool to open and compare files to see how they differ and how they can be merged into one drawing.

– Import EPS and PDF files using Adobe Illustrator objects.

– Use Markup Assistant to add comments to drawings, and see your comments displayed on your screen.

– Automatically display comments in the side viewport and in context-sensitive tooltip windows.

– Select comments to send as individual replies.

– Send a text box to mark up a drawing.

– Import and edit Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word documents. (video: 1:43 min.)

Draft Presets:

Save drawing defaults in a group of preset drawings that you can customize. Save the drawing defaults and then restore them at any time. (video: 1:18 min.)

Dynamic Text:

Make your text automatically adjust to any text font on the drawing (video: 1:12 min.)

More Customizable Hot Keys:

In the Keyboard Hot Keys dialog box, you can customize the hot key to open each menu. (video: 2:31 min.)

New menu commands:

– Block commands: Now you can command with blocks or arcs.

– New scale units: To specify your drawing’s scale unit, right-click on the drawing’s scale bar. Now you can click the scale bar to change units.

– New scale rate units: To specify your drawing’s scale rate, right-click on the drawing’s scale bar. Now you can click the scale bar to change units.

– New text commands: You can now command with text objects or import text from other programs.

– New dual hot key for angle and arc commands: Now you can use the Ctrl and Alt keys to quickly toggle between the two command.

– New dual hot key for perspective and orthogonal commands: Now you can use the Ctrl and Alt keys to quickly toggle between the two command.

– New dual hot key for 3D and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q8400 2.4 GHz with Hyperthreading
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Standard DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Dedicated Server
Processor: Intel Core2

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