Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro

Ever since the launch of Windows 10, there have been controversies on the way telemetry data is gathered by different applications of the operating system. While Microsoft arguments that telemetry data ensures a better user experience, the reality is that the PC, websites and search engines get to know your habits and provide you with relevant ads and content, which is a form of privacy breach to many. Fortunately, there are applications that can block tracking attempts and data collection and one of them is Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro.
Disable trackers and telemetry features on Windows 
This particular application is designed to ensure that you regain control over your privacy in Windows. It allows you to choose which programs are allowed to collect data and disable features that you don’t feel comfortable with.
With over 100 options to go through, Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro can make sure your PC is safe and that the well-known Windows 10 telemetry features are under your close surveillance and control. It targets not only tracking attempts of the operating system, but also preinstalled manufacturer software and office tools, third-party analytics, antivirus data collection and browser trackers.
Block data collection in Windows 
Working with Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is pretty intuitive. The main window displays the security status and allows you to apply the immunization settings with the push of a button. Evidently, it is possible to customize the security settings yourself, but keep in mind that Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro comes with different protection presets. By default, the “recommended” preset is selected and there are also the “minimal” and the “full” protection presets available. The presets can be customized to your preference. Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro enables you to go through all the settings and toggle them on or off.
With the help of this application, you can disable Cortana, clipboard cloud sharing, Windows biometrics and Microsoft Bing. It can also deactivate the Application Compatibility Program Inventory and other such features.
As for third-party analytics, the software utility can restrict Google Analytics and other similar data gathering tools. Data collection attempts initiated by antivirus software, office suites or the browsers you use can also be blocked.  
Get enhanced privacy on your computer 
Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro promises to safeguard your computer against tracking attempts of all sorts, silencing various programs and services and blocking the sharing of usage reports. To make sure your identity is secure at all times, you can configure Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro to apply your security settings at each Windows logon.









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A comprehensive privacy security suite for Windows.
New features, features of Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro (3.0.3)
Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is the perfect privacy security suite for Windows, offering an in-depth protection of your data and a complete solution for keeping your personal information private. It is simple, easy to use and intuitive. With Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro you regain control of your privacy.
Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro Key features:
Intuitive: No professional knowledge required.
Enhanced protection: Deactivate unauthorized applications.
Stop tracking: Block the gathering of personal data.
Block of all kinds of tracking: Prevent the installation of browser and tracking toolbars.
Use and share data: Freely use your data by third-party applications.
Block data collection in Windows: The following programs and services are disabled: Application Compatibility Program Inventory, Bing, clipboard cloud sharing, Cortana, Windows biometrics, Windows Hello, Windows Defender, Windows Error Reporting.
* New setting window: The security settings can be easily activated at each Windows logon.
Quick start and uninstall: Get started quickly and easily. The program can be easily uninstalled.

Pricing and availability
Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro 3.0.3 is currently available as a free, stand-alone download from the official website.

The antivirus software is developed by Ashampoo and was released in 2012. The current version of the software, version 3.0.3, was launched in 2019.


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Keymacro is a great Windows password manager that allows you to encrypt files and passwords, keep them private, and even set them automatically.
Keymacro protects your passwords in 3 ways. One-time passwords, hashed passwords, and auto-save.
1. Password Hashing
With Keymacro you can encrypt your passwords. When you’re ready to use them, use the Keymacro password decryptor to decrypt them. You can also choose to use different password hashing algorithms when you encrypt your passwords to make them more secure.
2. One-time Passwords
With Keymacro, you can generate an arbitrary amount of one-time passwords to replace the boring, easy to guess passwords that you might be using right now.
3. Auto Save
With Keymacro, you can save a copy of your passwords and have them automatically opened and put into memory. This can help to keep your passwords safe, even when you can’t be sure you won’t lose them.
Keymacro also keeps a copy of your passwords in an encrypted data file and allows you to encrypt and decrypt it with your master password. The encrypted data file can be stored on your computer, on a USB drive, on a network drive or even in Dropbox!
Keymacro can manage as many as 128 passwords. Each password can be protected with one of your “hashed” passwords or you can use a one-time password to access the password with. You can also use all of the one-time passwords generated by Keymacro to access different passwords stored in different locations.
Keymacro lets you create as many “hashed passwords” as you like. It’s free, you can use as many as you like and your passwords are secure when you use one of them. All you need to do is put your master password into Keymacro and Keymacro will generate the hashed password and store it on your computer in a secure data file. Each hashed password can be used to access any of your passwords and a hashed password cannot be used to access another hashed password. Keymacro will give you a little counter on the bottom right of the screen to keep track of how many hashed passwords you have.
Keymacro can also help you remember passwords because it will help you remember them. Using the “Master Password Assistant” you can choose a word that you can remember and Keymacro will make

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro 
>> Windows 10 Security and Privacy Protection
>> Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
>> Works with all Windows versions
>> 100+ options to customize security settings
>> You decide which settings to protect
>> Take control of your privacy!
>> Power the features you want on or off
>> Don’t forget to update Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro when a new version comes out!
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Now that you know how to block data collection on your Windows machine, let’s take a look at how to maintain the speed and memory of your computer with the help of these best Windows 10 Task Manager apps.
Maintain the speed of your Windows 10 computer with these best Windows 10 Task Manager apps
The task manager is a basic application to perform quick system maintenance and operate system-level services. With a little customization, you can use it to shut down unnecessary apps, and free memory on your Windows 10 system. While most users tend to use the task manager for its basic operation, there are also apps that can help you monitor processes in real-time. Here are the best Windows 10 task manager apps you can use.
Best Windows 10 Task Manager apps
#1. System Resource Monitor
This Windows 10 task manager app features an option to view system resources usage on the Windows desktop. It also offers real-time monitoring of the CPU, RAM, network, and hard drive utilization, plus plenty of other system information to help you monitor what’s running and how it’s using your computer resources.
System Resource Monitor
It is also a standalone app, so you can access it right on your computer.
#2. Windows Spotlight
Windows Spotlight is one of the best Windows 10 task manager apps. It helps you find and manage apps and system tasks that you use frequently, so you don’t need to go through a list of system processes to find what you need.
Windows Spotlight
The app can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. It also offers a Windows 10 app store for easier and more convenient app management.
#3. Microsoft Edge Task Manager
Microsoft Edge is a lightweight browser and a suitable app for managing the RAM and CPU consumption of Windows 10 computers.
Microsoft Edge Task Manager
Edge Task Manager also offers real-time monitoring of RAM and CPU usage, plus a task manager that helps you find and manage processes.

What’s New In?

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is a security utility that protects your privacy. It features an extensive suite of functions that allow you to control exactly what data is being collected by your computer, secure your identity and prevent unauthorized access. Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is designed to be safe, lightweight and fast. It has been developed in a way that respects your privacy. The application will only collect data that is essential for improving the application’s functionality, so it will not collect any unnecessary information. Therefore, you can rest assured that your data will be stored safely on your computer and that it will be used for the purposes of providing you with the best possible experience.

AntiSpy is the easiest and most powerful anti-spy software to protect yourself from any kind of data theft and any kind of spyware. AntiSpy is extremely easy to use and requires no advanced knowledge, as it has a straightforward graphical user interface.
* Block all the types of tracking and spying
* Instantly block websites and search engines that you do not want to track
* Block online monitoring of your online activity
* Stop annoying spam emails
* Stop unauthorized access to your PC
* Recover all of your lost files
* Undo malicious changes and deletions
* Protect your personal information
* Easily configure applications that you do not want to install, uninstall and block the unwanted files.
* Import your contacts
* Block instant messaging
* Block advertisements
* Easily block an access to all of your files
* Choose the files to be backed up to the cloud
* Backup files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or Evernote
* Use predefined or custom rules to block malicious applications
* Use predefined or custom rules to block malwares
* Get the original state of your PC
* Change the background image
* Clear all tracking info from your computer and safely recover your lost files
* Clear all the history
* Prevent your PC from getting hacked and protect your personal information
* Stop unauthorized access to your PC
* Easily track and monitor online activity of your children and spouse
* Setup parental controls
* View all the history
* Manage your address book
* No need to install any additional software
* Safely remove the installed apps and all its dependencies.
* Easily remove the malware that you have found
* Customize and configure programs to suit your needs
* Easily configure applications that you do not want to install, uninstall and block the unwanted files.
* Add new Windows to the list of apps that you want to block
* Disable the Windows Start menu, taskbar and task list
* Completely block the inbuilt Internet Explorer 11
* Uninstall unwanted Windows
* Easily remove Windows apps
* Easily remove the Windows services
* Enable or disable the Windows Search
* Easily remove the Windows apps
* Easily

System Requirements:

Supported Systems:
Intel Processors – Haswell and later
AMD Processors – Ryzen and Athlon X
Tagged an example:
Output for AMD Ryzen 5 1400:
Output for Intel Core i5-2400:
Command/control structure:
Command: /detect
Info: This command will detect what is supported for any camera from the linker:
Command: /format
Info: This command will format the image so we can use it later. The format is needed for other

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