Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

We are the India’s most innovative and interactive education portal with an ergonomically designed interface which ensures the maximum conversion. Careerguruji caters the need of students, parents and educators seeking information on higher education. The website provides options of side bar banners, footer banners, text links and mailers services on our opt-in mailer database.

What we offer?

Educational Institutes:

a. Creation of a separate for the institute

b. Responsive presentation of image and other creative

c. Guaranteed rise in user interaction and click through rate

d. Option to migrate traffic through referral link

e. Add your own API to get instant notification of candidate seeking inform


a. Ample space for third party banners

b. Algorithm to adjust the placement of banners only on relevant pages

c. Ad Rotation Policy to ensure the sustainable advert reach and frequency of visitors seeing the ad

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