AceClock XP Crack Activation Code [April-2022]

AceClock XP Crack Activation Code [April-2022]

Note: This program is not supported anymore, but it can still be downloaded and used with the limitations mentioned on this page.
AceClock XP is a software application which displays a digital clock on the desktop and supports various skins, alarms, to-do lists and other useful features.
Upon initialization, AceClock XP's features can be accessed from the system tray area. Aside from the current time in digital format, the tool also shows the current date, along with a frame which resembles a sticky note (allowing you to write text).
So, you can schedule multiple alarms (e.g. enable sounds, add captions), access a calendar, or adjust the time and date (e.g. via the Internet or Control Panel).
On top of that, you can set up a quick reminder to be triggered once or on a recurring basis (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), create birthday lists, attach the main frame to the mouse cursor or lock its position, as well as disable AceClock XP from staying on top of other windows, just to name a few.
A wide range of configuration settings are available through the Options screen. For instance, you can make AceClock XP automatically run at system startup and to ask for configuration when deleting tasks, make the tooltip transparent, switch to a different timezone, as well as alter the default sounds and select custom files from the hard drive.
The tool has a good response time to key strokes and mouse commands, supports keyboard shortcuts and includes two user modes – basic and advanced, thus allowing both beginner and skilled users to work with its features.
It includes help documentation and requires a very low quantity of CPU and system memory. We have not come across any issues throughout our testing; AceClock XP did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive layout and long list of customization options, this app should please users of any level of experience.







AceClock XP Crack+ Free X64 [Updated]

AceClock XP Crack has been designed to support a wide range of users. Even advanced users can adjust their level of experience at a click or two.
By default, the clock displays the current date and time in digital format. Although the format is readable enough, a frame, which resembles a sticky note, can be added to the time and date. This allows you to write text in the main frame – using the built-in preview function.
On top of that, AceClock XP Product Key includes a calendar, which will show the currently selected day. To access the calendar, click the button next to the date. The calendar has a date range selection as well as notes functionality.
Of course, you can also adjust the time, add alarms, change the current date and time zone, as well as customize various other features.
There are a few configuration settings available from the Options menu, including one that allows you to activate the clock at system startup and another that disables AceClock XP Download With Full Crack from automatically opening when you delete tasks.
The software is quite responsive to keystrokes and mouse clicks, which results in a good user interface and makes the interface very easy to use. It also features keyboard shortcuts, which can be switched on/off from the Options menu.
A wide range of options are included in AceClock XP Cracked 2022 Latest Version and many of them have been carefully designed to ensure it works in harmony with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

AceClock XP Requirements:

The tool is light on system resources, so it should work without problem on most computers.

AceClock XP Requirements:

The software is light on system resources, so it should work without problem on most computers.

AceClock XP Release Date:

This page contains download links which are no longer supported. The latest versions can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

AceClock XP Screenshot:

AceClock XP Tutorial & User Manual:

On this page you can download AceClock XP for free. The program is available as a full version, having been tested by our computer experts to be safe for downloading. AceClock XP was scanned using the latest virus and spyware detection methods and found to be 100% clean.

With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, give AceClock XP a try before deciding to purchase it. If you do not like AceClock XP, just contact us by email and we will promptly refund your money.


AceClock XP With License Key Free Download 2022 [New]

Main Features:
The present time can be displayed on a digital clock at the system tray.
System clock, date, time, time zone, alarm times and your own custom alarm times can be displayed.
Actions can be set for the present time.
Access to multiple calendar applications can be obtained.
Manage frequent reminders and birthday reminders.
Set them for every day, every week, every month, etc…
Access to a notepad or the clipboard.
Access to a shopping mall to find out what time is the next train leaving.
Quick access to the Control Panel.
Ability to stick the main frame and the picture on mouse cursor.
Work with the sticky note on the main frame.
Alter the colors, sizes, fonts and background of the sticky note.
Access to a calendar application.
Create, edit and delete your own tasks and to-do lists.
Use keyboard shortcuts or install your own hotkeys.
Provide a help file to explain all the features.
Download AceClock XP.
How To Install AceClock XP:
1. Download AceClock XP.
2. Unpack AceClockXP-1.1.exe.
3. Double-click the icon on your desktop.
4. Run AceClockXP-1.1.exe as Administrator.
5. Press “Next”.
6. Make sure “Use defaults for the installation” is selected and press “Next”.
7. Press “Next”.
8. Press “Finish” in the user interface.
9. AceClockXP-1.1.exe is installed.
10. Run AceClockXP-1.1.exe.
AceClockXP-1.1.exe – Copyright (C) 2006 Yacimovich (Isabelle from the cover art works) – AceClockXP version
– Added an option to change the status bar’s color, so that it matches the desktop background.
– Added an option to move the frame from the top of the window.
– Changed the default sounds.
– Added an option to turn off the buzzing of the sound icon.
– Added an option to adjust the transparency of the tooltip.
– Changed the font of the seconds hand and added an option to choose the color of its background.
– Added a “copied to clipboard” option to the titlebar’s action.
– Moved the actions for the main frame

AceClock XP Download

Clock, Calendar and Notepad!
What if you had a Digital (Voice) Clock on your Desktop?
AceClock XP was designed to fill this niche, by providing all the functionality that a general Digital Clock can provide, along with several useful extras.
It’s a fully customizable Digital Clock with a nice UI!
Thanks to its colorful and user friendly interface, AceClock XP is a pleasure to use.
Launch it, set a sound, an alarm, or a number of different reminders. If an alarm goes off, you will be prompted, and you will always get a warning before it goes off.
You can also take a calendar with dates and set a reminder for that date.
Just imagine a Digital Clock that can do much more.
With AceClock XP, you can:
* Set alarms and reminders for specific times and dates. AceClock will remind you before the time.
* Add notes to the frame.
* Switch to a calendar (have all your dates, birthdays and other events listed in the calendar).
* Add a tick box list for any date. You can make your tick box list a default date list, so that every time you start to type in the date box, the list will pop up and you can choose a date from the list.
* Add a screen saver to use in the day time.
* Close AceClock XP from the system tray (when you open the tray AceClock XP will be running and ready for use).
* Show or hide the frame (AceClockXP or the clock can be removed from the screen, leaving only the Windows background behind).
* Replace the Windows desktop clock with AceClockXP.
* Hide Windows Desktop Clock
* Added the ability to change the default monitor on which the program will start.
* You can now select different sounds on the right click.
* You can now select different skins.
* You can now select how many times the reminder message will appear, so you can avoid the message getting annoying.
* You can now change the default reminders for how many days, weeks and months.
* You can now choose to have the clock visible on the left or right side of the screen.
* You can now choose to have the clock inside the windows desktop or just on the desktop.
* You can now choose to have the desktop clock on the top or bottom of the desktop.
* You can now select the size of the clock on the screen.

What’s New In AceClock XP?

AceClock XP is a digital time and date clock for Windows.
The software allows you to set the time and date on your desktop, as well as a useful date calculator and alarm and reminder clock features. Additionally, you can add a “sticky note” frame at the corner of your desktop that resembles a note, enabling you to add notes, date, and time text to your desktop with ease.
The settings are completely editable, and can be set with the options bar or in the main window. The date selector is completely customizable, and you can even change the default settings, just in case you want to change something. You can even manually enter a timezone to automatically update the time.
All of the features can be easily accessed from the system tray area. Additionally, the “sticky note” frame that resembles a note can also be moved around the screen, and the settings can be locked to prevent any changing.
In fact, the only real downside to AceClock XP is that you cannot change the status or color of the main background frame or move it around. Other than that, the software is a nice tool that will have you wanting to play with it immediately.
What’s New in AceClock XP 1.49.0:
– Fixed a bug that would cause the sticky note to disappear from the desktop after a few seconds
– Fixed another bug that caused the “Date + Time” button on the options bar to disappear after a few seconds

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